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Best Carpet Cleaner in Milliken

Cleopatra Carpet Care is the prime carpet cleaning service for Milliken, Greeley and the surrounding area. Our experienced technicians use a range of contemporary and technical treatments and methods to clean your carpets and restore them to their original state. Whether you’re a commercial property looking for a sprucing up or you’re a homeowner trying to get troublesome stains out of a carpet, we’re the carpet cleaners for you. Give us a call on +1 (720) 582-7982 to find out how we can help.

Effective Carpet Cleaning

Carpets, upholstery, and pet stain removal can all be cleaned by our professionals using an outstanding selection of natural methods. We have experience working on both commercial and residential premises, removing stains and restoring original colours. If you need a wholesale cleaning service for your entire company, we work quickly to complete the task with the least amount of downtime for your operations. Once we are done, you won't be able to recognize the location.

Large Scale Cleaning Services

Do you operate a commercial enterprise? Have you recently relocated to a new building and are searching for a carpet cleaning company before opening for business? Our carpet specialists can come up with answers for extensive carpet upgrades and apply a variety of treatments and chemicals to produce the ideal foundation for your company's setup. Your carpets will be meticulously restored by our skilled and timely labor.

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50 Reviews

Maggie Magee

18 October 2022

18 October


Yasser did a great job scheduling and completing our carpet cleaning in less than a week before we moved into the home we purchased. Carpets were cleaned quickl...
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Deborah Fahr

10 October 2022

10 October


We were in immediate and urgent need of a carpet cleaner and Yasser was able to schedule us within a day. He even arrived early for our appointment! He tackled ...
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